Apindra Swain

Who We Are

I, Apindra Swain began my journey as a craftsman at a tender age of 10, assisting my father. I was involved in my family run business of palm-leaf engraving. After my primary education, I decided to leave it and joined my father full time. Me and my family of 7 to 8 members used to work together. Gradually we expanded our work. I underwent a formal training by GOI in Bhubaneshwar in this craft. In 1990, I was identified by Dastkar and invited for a one month workshop at NIFT, Delhi. I was later invited by Dastkar and Dastkari Haat Samiti for their exhibition which brought to me, a lot of popularity as an artist.

Where we Work

Our workshop is near Puri, Odisha.

How we Work

We engage with artists and craftsmen from my village, Bhuban near Puri (Odisha) for palm leaf engraving. The palm leaves are treated with a paste of tamarind powder and chalk and stocked in advance. All colors and raw materials used are naturally occurring. Then, it is engraved using an iron pen with a sharp tip. The engraved surface is then rubbed with a mix of oil and charcoal to enhance the design. It is wiped clean, all pieces are stitched together and a cloth/paper lining is pasted on the back side, to increase it’s durability. Sometimes we also use acrylic paint to make colorful artworks on palm leaf.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Palm Leaf Engraving
  • Patachitra Painting

What we make

  • Wall hangings and decorative screens