Art Illuminates Mankind (AIM)

Who We Are

AIM” Art Illuminates Mankind was established in 2003 with its mission to focus, study and research on the folk culture, tribal art and craft along with the associated people to bring those people into limelight through various required social interventions. Since then we continued to work to make common people aware about these art and culture, socio economic and cultural life of those people through various documentation, exhibitions, fairs, festivals etc. Deshaj is the brand initiative that has been taken by AIM to introduce traditional Indian-style apparel with an innovative outlook. The word Deshaj means indigenous in most of the traditional Indian languages. Deshaj offers contemporary designs, all reasonably priced. Proceeds from sales help these artisans to help themselves – AIM’s mission is to encourage women from less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills; to give them the self-confidence and self-esteem and to enable them to carry this newly discovered skill and confidence into the wider world. It continues its march towards fulfilling its vision of being a brand that symbolizes empowerment of rural and semi-urban women while recognizing and promoting traditional handicraft techniques that are in danger of dying out with increased industrial growth and rapid urbanization.

Where we Work

We work with over 1200 rural women artisans in Moram, located near Shantiniketan in West Bengal

How we Work

Deshaj products are produced at the AIM development center in Moram, Bolpur. The project involves the noble objective of providing high-skill industry level training to SC/ST communities with a rural and disadvantageous background. We have also worked in collaboration with the West Bengal SC/ST development and Finance Corporation and more than 1200 rural unskilled females have been given training in this way.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Kantha Embroidery and Batik

What We Make

Garments: Home Décor
Home: Home Furnishing
Personal: Apparel & Clothing
Office: Accessories

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