Artisan Alliance Jawaja- Weavers Division

Who We Are

Artisan Alliance Jawaja (AAJ), was established around 1975 by a group of local artisans and Late Prof. Ravi Mathai, founding director of IIM, Ahmedabad. The possibility of merging design and management for the disadvantaged communities, brought together the artisans, working at AAJ and volunteers from NID and IIMA. The artisans working at AAJ, hail from remote villages surrounding the Beawar city which includes villages like Jawaja, Beawar Khas, Sargaon and others in the district of Ajmer, in Rajasthan, famous for their age old craft. Later, Artisan Alliance Jawaja (AAJ), started trading under 2 brand names, Artisan Alliance Jawaja - Weaver’s Division and Jawaja Leather Association (JLA).

Where we Work

We have a CFC in Beawar, Rajasthan

How we Work

AAJ plays a key role as a marketing agency that encourages entrepreneurship among artisans and craftsmen. AAJ supports weavers, to carry forward their craftsmanship by providing them raw material and administrative support. We work from a common facility center in Beawar, Rajasthan. All materials used are naturally occurring and the products are completely handmade. The entity has also been an important demonstration of partnerships within community and collaboration between designer and artisans. Since it’s inception, the group has a democratic system of administration and the body of governance is elected from among the local artisans. All administrative and managerial activities are collectively managed.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Cut Shuttle Dhurrie Weaving

What We Make

  • Floor coverings | Table mats | Table runners

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