Who We Are

Avani is a voluntary organization based in the Pithoragarh district of Kumaun, Uttranchal. It started as the Kumaon Chapter of the Social Work and Research Centre, Tilonia, Rajasthan in 1997. It became formally registered as an independent Society in November 1999.

Engaged in grassroots development, Avani has been involved in the areas of appropriate technology and alternative energy; conservation of local biodiversity; support to organic agriculture; savings and credit; and supplementary education. The craft and livelihood program has grown in parallel and has become one of the organization’s main interventions. The products are sold under the label of Kumaon Earthcraft.

Where we Work

Avani works in Bhageshwar and Pithoragarh district of Kumaon, Uttaranchal and currently works with over 50 families of weavers and close to 300 families of knitters and spinners.

How we Work

Avani’s work with traditional weavers in the area started out of a discovery that they were not even earning a living wage from their existing production and marketing channels. As a result, the traditional skill base was getting diluted and the craft itself was in danger of disappearing.

Avani has established reliable raw material procurement channels. Skill enhancement in spinning, weaving and natural dyeing is an important area of focus. Design, product development, and quality control are stressed upon. Traditional skills are utilized to make products to suit contemporary urban markets. The artisans are provided complete marketing support.

Avani sells its products through craft exhibitions held at different locations in the country. It has also started to keep stocks at select outlets in metros.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Plain Handloom Weaving
  • Natural Dyeing

What we make

  • Garments: Jackets, Dresses and Ponchos
  • Home: Cushions & Throws, Linen, Floor
  • Accessories: Stoles and Scarves

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