Bagru Hand Block

Who We Are

Bagru Hand Block is a family run business of traditional Bagru and Dabu hand block printing of Rajasthan. Bagru Hand block print was founded with the vision to protect and promote the crafts of Dabu and Bagru printing. Our mission is to support and encourage good craftsmanship, thereby creating a sustainable source of income for skilled craftsmen of Bagru, Rajasthan. We sell our products under the brand name of Neelkart.

Where we work

We function through our printing unit in Bagru, Rajasthan

How we Work

A wide range of unique designs, are handpicked from the oldest archives, some of these have been developed by national award winners. These designs are then hand block printed on fabrics using natural dyes extracted from vegetables, grass etc. We follow the traditional process of printing, right from treating greige cotton and silk fabrics, using mud resist paste for natural dyeing to drying on soil and finishing.

Our Craftmark certifications include

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What We Make

Sarees | Dupattas | Garments | Yardages | Bed sheets | Pillow & cushion covers | Stoles | Scarfs

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