Barbasudebpur Deshapran Pragati Sangha

Who We Are

Barbasudebpur Deshapran Pragati Sangha was established with the support of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission with the objective of village education and livelihood development in Barbasudebpur village of Bhagawanpur I Block, Purba Medinipur. The focus of our work was to impart non formal education and nutrition to the children of disadvantaged families. Several women of the nearby villages have benefited from the intervention as their income levels have risen.

Where we Work

We function through our common facility center in Barbasudebpur, Mednipur, West Bengal.

How we Work

We have a full-fledged CFC at Barbasudebpur with in-house stitching facility. The local women weave in their homes which they then translate into various products later. We have been suppliers to the various Govt. sponsored outlets such as Manjusha. Later we started to train local women on weaving madur and sell the produce at various Govt. sponsored fairs and festivals too.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Madur kathi Weaving

What we make

Table accessories, yoga mats, floor mats, table mats, curtains, table runners, bags, caps.