How to Become a Member

Eligibility Criteria for Craftmark

Any individual or entity manufacturing or trading in handicraft/handloom products can apply for the Craftmark certification. Applicants must fall in any one of the following categories:

  • Skilled Individual Artisan
  • Self Help Group
  • Cooperative
  • Producer Association
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Enterprises
  • Designers/ Individual Practitioners

The applicant should belong to the following legal categories:

  • Sole Proprietorship – having a valid bank account
  • Partnership Firm
  • Public Limited Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Society
  • Trust
  • Producer Company
  • Cooperative
  • Section 8 Company
  • Self Help Group

Procedure for Applying for Craftmark Seal

  • Fill up details, as per the application form.
  • Provide hi-res images of the handmade process applied for.
  • Submit financial documents, as per the application checklist.
  • Pay the Application- Verification fee @ Rs. 3000 per Craft Process.
  • Site visit by Craftmark team.
  • Verification of the handmade craft process.
  • Evaluation by the Craftmark team.
  • Inform the applicant upon approval.
  • Applicant to pay Membership fee, as per the fee structure.
  • Applicant to sign the Licensing agreement.
  • If rejected, the applicant will be intimated through email.
Membership Package
  • Issuance of Craftmark certificate.
  • Issuance of tags with Craftmark Seal.
  • Upload profile of the organisation on the Craftmark website.
  • Planning capacity building and marketing activities
    in consultation with the member.
  • Craftmark team will conduct periodic monitoring check.

Prospective applicants can download the Application Form and list of required documents from

1. Application

An application form is a general form that captures the basic details of the applicant such as the legal status, annual sales figures, craft processes applied by the applicant.

There are two different application forms based on the type of organization applying. These are:

An application-verification fee of 3000 is charged per craft process.

2. Verification

Verification includes questions related to the handmade process, quality of the products, social and environment aspects of the organization. This is filled up on site when the AIACA representative visits the production facility.

Craft Process Documentation

AIACA has documented 80+ and is continuing to document more for various craft processeshandmade processes to capture the best practices in the sector. These documents form the basis for verification and evaluation for granting Craftmark to an applicant.

Evaluation Form

Evaluation form is an internal document for rating the applicant against the various indicators established for the Certification, including, skill, quality, aesthetics, market potential, etc..

3. Approval

Once the application is approved, the Applicant is required to do the following:

  • The membership fee is charged for two years and is based on the annual sales of the member.

    Below is the fee structure:

    Annual Sales Membership Fee (in for 2 yrs)
    5*- 15 Lakhs 3000
    15- 25 Lakhs 5000
    25- 50 Lakhs 10,000
    50- 75 Lakhs 15,000
    75- 100 Lakhs 20,000
    1-2 Crores 30,000
    2-5 Crores 50,000
    5-10 Crores 70,000
    10-50 Crores 1,00,000
    50-100 Crores 2,00,000
    >100 Crores 3,00,000

    *If the applicant has a turnover of less than 5 lakhs, please contact AIACA and AIACA will assess the minimum production capacity required for membership on the basis of the specific craft. If the applicant does not meet the minimum capacity, AIACA can support the applicant in capacity development through its other programs.

  • Sign the Brand License Agreement

4. Membership Package

After submission and receipt of the paperwork, AIACA will:

  • Issue the Craftmark Certificate.
  • Provide 500 tags with Craftmark Seal for free.
  • A Craftmark poster.
  • Include the profile of the applicant on the Craftmark website.

5. Monitoring

Periodic monitoring will be cone by the Craftmark team to ensure compliance of the member.

Craftmark Membership Renewal

Renewal Policy

  • The Craftmark team will send a reminder to the member 3 months before the expiry of the membership. Members are expected to complete their renewal formalities within these 3 months.
  • In case the member does not intend to renew, they should inform the Craftmark team as soon as possible.

Renewal Process

  • Upon indication of renewal members must send their latest balance sheet/CA certificate declaring sales for the last year.
  • Craftmark team may visit you to verify your craft process.
  • An invoice will be sent to you with the amount of membership fee to be paid for renewal. Please refer to the Membership Fee (based on the Annual Sales) at the time of renewal.
  • A new license agreement along with Craftmark tags will be sent you once your renewal is confirmed.

Monitoring and Non-Compliance Policy

Craftmark will conduct surprise checks on the usage of the Seal and use of handmade process.

A Craftmark member is considered guilty of noncompliance under the following situations:

  • Using an incomplete seal
  • Using the seal on products that are not covered under the ‘handmade’ definition of AIACA
  • Using a seal that has expired its validity
  • Using the seal without the license number
  • Using the seal for any other handmade process which is not certified by Craftmark

Such a member will be intimated over email for these actions and instances and 3 notices will be sent via different modes of communication, after which seal will be revoked and legal action will be taken if the applicant continues to use the seal after expiry.