Bharath Art and Crafts

Who We Are

Bharath Art and Crafts is an initiative by a fourth-generation artisan who continued the gifted craftwork that started way back in Myancestor’s time. An entire family is involved in making Channapatna handicraft toys and products. We began working 45 years back and gradually trained and employed a few artisans. Now we have a small team of talented artisans, both male, and female who are able to produce designs under his guidance.

Where we work

We function from our workshop in Channapatna, Karnataka.

How we Work

Traditionally, the craftsmen used locally available wood from the Wrigtiatinctoria tree, which is also called by the name of Aalemara by the local people of Karnataka. The wood is procured locally, seasoned for some time which can vary from a few weeks to even three months, then cut into desired shapes and finally carved. The distinctive lacquering of the shaped wooden toy, which is done with natural shellac extract, is what makes it durable and resistant to easy damage. The lacquered products are dyed using various types and color of vegetable dye and finally polished to finish them off in a well-rounded manner.

This traditional craft is protected as a geographical indication (GI) under the World Trade Organization, administered by the Government of Karnataka.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Turned Wood Lacquer Craft

What We Make

Toys | Jwellery | Games for kids | Accessories

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