Who We Are

Brand “Bidriwala” is associated with the making of bidriware products crafted by the artisans from the place of its origin “Bidar”, a small town in Karnataka. It aims at making handicrafts to promote the craft and its makers. It brings together master craftsmen and their experiences of their cultural and social environment that helps in developing well-designed products with symbolic, functional and rich aesthetic value to them. We also work with an aim to stimulate artisan’s creativity for achieving beautiful handcrafted pieces in Bidri.

Where we Work

We are located in the original geographical region of the craft, Bidar, Karnataka.

How we Work

Bidriware is a GI (Geographical Indication) tagged craft. There are multiple ways in which a piece of bidriware can be made. At Bidriwala we follow the traditional method of bidri craft. We work with individual designers and design studios to full fill their requirements. We are also associated with offline and online retailer brands in India and develop products as per their requirements.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Bidri work

What We Make

  • Home and office décor and utility products | Jewellery | Furniture.