Bunkaari India

Who We Are

Bunkaariindia wish to rejuvenate, develop and promote traditional Indian sarees and textiles through a chain of stores across India as they believe that the unique and varied weaves, if marketed boldly and aesthetically, shall appeal to the connoisseurs of good living and help the weavers regain the centre stage of their glorious past.

Where We Work

Bunkaari India is based in Kolkata.

How We Work

Bunkaari India contributes part of its income towards improving the quality of life of weavers and for rejuvenating, developing and promoting traditional Indian craftsmanship. Their handloom weavers still weave multitudinous stories with each stroke of the shuttle.

Our Craftmark certifications include-

Handloom Weaving

What We Make

  • Sari
  • Men’s Jacket
  • Kurta
  • Kurti
  • Handmade Accessories

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