Collective Craft

Who we are

Collective Craft is an artisan-centric design studio which was started in Odisha. The studio specializes in applying traditional crafts skills on contemporary products as well as in space design and installations, working towards creating environment friendly and responsible design solutions.

Where we work

Their main office is in New Delhi with a production base in Cuttack, Odisha.

How we Work

The design studio is based in New Delhi, where designers conceptualize, plan and design products. The artisans are based in Odisha, working alongside designers and architects to meticulously handcraft the products. The company, follows fair wage practices and also takes care of ergonomics at work, for the artisans. They have a trained team of senior artisans to manage the quality aspect of their products.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Wood Carving | Stone Carving | Pattachitra Painting

What We Make

Tray | Coasters | Table top accessories 

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