Dariyapur Dokra Artists Cooperative Industrial Society

Who are we

Dariyapur Dokra Artists Cooperative Industrial Society is a Cooperative setup by Dhokra craftsmen of Bardhaman with the determination to increase their access to markets and financial opportunities for their craft.

In recognition of their craft, the MSME Department, Govt. of West Bengal nominated Dariyapur as a Rural Craft Hub of Bengal in 2013.

Where we work

Dariyapur is formed of 113 Dhokra artisans belongign to Dignagar-II GP of Ghuskara block in Bardhaman district (West Bengal). The Cooperative works with 36 families belonging to the traditional Dhokra producing ‘Karmakar’ caste.

How we work

Dhokra is one of the oldest know method of lost-wax metal casting. It is an extensive 13 step long process.

The mud is sieved by women to make sure that there are no pebbles. Then it is mixed with water to form a smooth dough. After this the initial rough structure is made and kept in the sun for drying. Then the wax and tar work is done to bring out the shape of the item. As wax is too soft, resins are mixed to harden it. For further precision, form, and fine detailing a layer of resin and mustard oil is applied. The intricate designs and the detailing is done with elastic threads made out of this mixture. After this, a thick layer of mud is pasted on the structure. The structure is perforated on top and metal pieces are introduced in it through a metal funnel. Once this is done, the whole thing is wrapped with the mud and put into the furnace. The craftpersons know the exact time required for the completion of the drying process. The products are then carefully taken out using tongs and the outer mud structure, which is now hard, is broken to bring out the crafted metal. Burrs are taken off with knives and files. Polishing wherever required is done with the help of buffing machines.

Craft process certified for:

Lost wax metal casting- Dhokra


Home décor, jewellery