Dhonk Craft

Who We Are

Dhonk Craft is a brand founded by Divya Khandal, a dietician by profession but an ardent lover of handicrafts at heart. Dhonk's journey begun when Divya relocated to Sawai Madhopur and wanted to find livelihood opportunities for the local women including the Moghiyas, to empower them and provide them with alternate sources of income. At Dhonk, the artisan, mainly women work with 3 crafts - handmade toys, sometimes using waste fabrics; hand block printing and moonj basketry, which is being practiced by the women of the Moghiya community only. We also educate them on issues related to the preserving, protecting forests and the tigers.

Where we Work

We work in Sawai Madhopur region of Rajasthan.

How we Work

The local women meet every day, at the common facility center in Sawai Madhopur, to work. While women of the Moghiya community work from home and visit every week. Divya keeps herself personally involved in product development and quality check. The women train and help each other to make new products. We use techniques like braiding, taanka work and hand stitching to make soft toys. For Moonj baskets, we cover the grass using waste hand block printed fabrics to make long ropes which are then coiled and stitched together to make baskets. Nonetheless, hand block printing is practiced in a traditional method of pigment printing.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Moonj craft | Soft toy making | Hand block printing

What We Make

  • Garments | Table covers | Table runners | Bed sheets | Napkins | Curtains | Soft toys | Baskets in various sizes.

Dhonk Crafts' products are an expression of freedom and self reliance for the women of the Moghiya community and other local residents of Sawai Madhopur region of Rajasthan. The products are designed and made by these artisan women themselves. We make hand block printed fabric toys, home accessories and kids wear in unique block prints of export quality.

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