Exotic Echo

Who We Are

Exotic Echo functions out of a common facility center (CFC) in Diezephe near Dimapur, Nagaland. We specialize in weaving traditional as well as contemporary Naga loin loom fabrics. We collect and distribute work from our CFC engaging more than 85 women weavers and employing more than 200 workers. All products of Exotic Echo are 100 % handmade. Exotic Echo also works with locally available organic cotton and natural dyes. Exotic Echo holds International Loin Loom Festival every year in Dimapur, during the first week of December to promote loin loom weaving.

Our Craftmark certifications includes 

Loin Loom Weaving

What We Make

Womenswear like skirts, jackets | Handbags and purses | Backpacks | Home and lifestyle accessories like table runners, table mats, cushion covers etc.

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