Forline by Dayalal Kudecha

Who We Are

Forline is a brand conceived by master weaver Dayalal Kudecha from Meghwal Vankar community in Bhujodi, Gujarat. A family run business, we are known for our extra weft weaving technique, range of indigo stoles and shawls. We house some excellent quality weaves in cotton as well as wool from Bhuj. We also engage in artisan workshop and training for extra weft weaving.

Where we work

We work from their weaving unit in Bhujodi, Gujarat.

How we Work

At Forline's weaving centre in Bhujodi we make shawls and stoles using the traditional extra weft weaving in cottons, silks and indian as well as Marino wool.. We sell through exhibitions, stores across India and abroad. We have also participated in fashion week and worked with designers.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Extra Weft Weaving

What We Make

Shawl, Stoles, Dupatta, Sarees.