GAIA- TREE by Padmaja Shrivastava

Who We Are

Gaia-tree was established by Ms. Padmaja Shrivatava in the year 2012 and aims at accelerating the economic development of the tribal people in India by marketing their products and help them to retain their fast disappearing art and craft, in today's cyber age. The products reflect the colorful and rich culture and heritage of the tribal people of our country which include utilitarian and decorative artifacts. Our aim is to respect and celebrate, the permanence and legacy of the first people of this land, and our mission is to help sustain this already dying traditional art form.

Where we work

We are based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India’s the hub for Gond paintings.

How we Work

The Gond tribal community is one of central India's largest indigenous communities and their art is an expression of their everyday quest for life. The Gond art rendezvous with the belief that "viewing a good image begets good luck". This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorating their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs. However, Gond art has been transposed onto paper and canvases with talented artists showcasing their skills. The signature styles are the essence of this tribal art form and are intrinsically used to fill the surface of their decorative patterns and motifs. At Gaia-tree, we aim at bringing to people, these unique works, at reasonable prices, not only for one’s own delight, but also to give the artists the platform they deserve. We engage in 'fair trade' practices, the artists get paid immediately, we are not a consignment gallery and artists are assured of receiving equitable compensation.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Gond Painting.

What We Make

Trays | Coasters | Cushion Covers | Tote Bags | Jewellery | boxes | Mouse pads | Umbrellas | Fridge Magnets | Murals and Wall Art

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