GI TAGGED- From The Very Land To Your Hand

Who We Are

‘GI Tagged - From The Very Land To Your Hand’ is the brand name of Geographical Indication Tagged World Premium Products (p) Ltd., a platform to provide geographically indicated products worldwide. Our Vision is to ‘Connect the world by its roots’ i.e. creating access to authentic GI tagged products at a competitive price, in turn bringing the artisans into the limelight, thereby increasing the income of artisan and farmers by expanding the market for handicrafts and agricultural produce.

Where do we work

We work in Channapatna, Karnataka; Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh; Bidar, Karnataka; Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu and Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

How we Work

At GI Tagged, the emphasis is to enable the geographically indicated craft clusters to be able to increase their income. To do so, we have field coordinators in every region. These field coordinators are locals from the region, who collaborate with artisans for design development and product development. Master artisans are encouraged to train less experienced artisans to improve their skills and generate consistency in quality. These coordinators, enable artisans to read specification sheets and understand design drawings. They also take care of quality checking too.

We also bring visibility to these artisans by creating local sign boards and visiting cards for master artisans. Once, products are complete, we call them to our main office in Bangalore for quality checks, finishing and packing.

GI tagged primarily exports and also caters to domestic markets through their online shop.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Turned Wood Lacquer Craft | Leather Lampshades & Puppets | Bidri Work | Thanjavur Doll Making | Wood Carving

What We Make

Table Accessories | Lamps | Wall Hangings | Decorative dolls | Jewellery | Toys | Puppets | Home Décor Accessories | Wood carved name plates

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