Hao Crafts Society

Who We Are

Hao Crafts Society is a collective of young tribal artisans from Manipur engage in making traditional black pottery known as longpi pottery. This pottery is traditionally practiced by the Tangkhul Naga tribes of the Ukhrul district Manipur. Our objective is to promote traditional crafts of Manipur, and create sustainable income opportunities for the local youth.

Our products have been certified for stringent food safety regulations. Hao Crafts products have cleared tests for ‘leachable lead and cadmium content’ under California Prop 65 regulation recognized internationally.

Where we work

Hao Crafts has it’s production center for pottery in New Delhi engaged in making black pottery products.

How we Work

Hao Crafts is engaged in making black stone pottery known as longpi pottery named after the village where it is made. The pottery has a rich black texture made with the powder weather rock /serpentinite (available in Longpi Village in Manipur) and clay mixed together. There is no use of the wheel, the products being shaped by hand. The clay dough is flattened out on a wooden late and moulded by hand to make a variety of objects. The products are then polished and incised by skilled artisans with the help of bamboo blade.. Once the pottery is fired, it is then accented with beautiful cane work by skilled basketry artists belonging to Tangkhul, Maring and Tarao tribes of Manipur.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Longpi Pottery

What We Make

Table ware | Cookware | Baking Utensils including bowls, trays | Coffee mug | Beer mug | Teapot | Bathroom accessories | Other home accessories like vases, tea light holder and lamp shade, wall pocket etc.

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