Himalayan Weavers

Who They Are

Himalayan Weavers produces hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws using only natural dyes and hand-spun wool, eri silk and pashmina. Ghayur and Patricia Alam started the organization in 2005 with the objective to produce high-quality handloom products, popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the Himalayan region, thereby generating income for the people living in the area. All of Himalayan Weavers’ products are made using only natural fibers and natural dyes, including madder, tesu, indigo, pomegranate, harada, henna and lac. Most of the yarn used is hand spun, giving their products a very soft feel, and all of their products are hand-woven.

Where They Work

Himalayan Weavers work with about 20 local people, 11 of whom belong to the “Bhotia” and “Shilpkar” tribal communities. These people have a long tradition of working with wool, making blankets and carpets for personal use.

How They Work

They began with the objective of providing greater access to market for their products. However, it was soon realized that though interesting, these products could not have a large market in urban areas; made with coarse wool, they were rough against the skin. The colours and designs were very limited and did not attract fashion conscious, urban buyers. This led to increased involvement in design and production activities. Their emphasis has been on making the products lighter, softer and more colourful – achieved by the introduction of natural dyes, better sourcing and grading of wool and introducing new product ranges and designs.

In addition to sheep wool products, Himalayan Weavers also makes pashmina shawls. Raw Pashmina is procured from the famous Changthang valley (height: 4500 mts.), bordering Tibet in Ladakh. This is hand spun in Dunda village of Uttarkashi district. Most “pashmina” shawls available in the market are made of mill yarn, which is often a blend of viscose and wool. Himalayan Weavers has the yarn hand spun from pure raw pashmina.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Handloom Weaving and Natural Dyeing

What They Make

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