Huda Printers

Who We Are

Huda Printers and Crafters is a venture of a self-taught duo of father and son, who while traditionally are Chanderi weavers, now specialize in the art of block printing. They specialize in printing sarees, dupattas, and yardage. They have also won accolades for their craftsmanship at state level.

Where we Work

They function from their printing unit in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

How we Work

With just two printing tables in their unit based in Indore, they manage to print over 3000 meters in a month. They travel to over 20 exhibitions in an year, not only to sell their products but to also learn and keep up with the new trends in markets. They love to experiment with new designs, quirky prints and have built their forte in printing light colors on dark fabrics.

Our Craftmark certifications include

  • Hand Block Printing

What we make

Jhola Bags, sarees, dupattas, dress material, stoles.