Imtiaaz Ali

Who We Are

Imtiaaz Ali is an artisan based out of Agra. Working with Stone carving since more than 2 decades, Imtiaaz mastered the craft at an early age while learning with his father. At his workshop, he along with his family and few other artisans make intricately carved stone lattice pieces using simple tools. Catering to the luxury segment, Imtiaaz Ali’s products are made to perfection.

Where we work

They work from their workshop in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

How we Work

Stone is carefully selected by Mr.Ali himself. He works with various kinds of locally available variety of stones. The stones are then cut in blocks and the basic form is chiselled out. He then grinds them to achieve the right form. The pieces are marked with a basic hexagonal grid and holes are punched (freehand) to begin the lattice work. Special files are used to bring out the intricate (jali work)lattice designs. The geometry in every piece is flawless although made freehand. The pieces are finally polished and assembled. He has also developed simple sophisticated tools to achieve such intricacy.

Our Craftmark certifications include

Stone Carving

What We Make

Home décor | table wear | Kitchen ware