Kayef stitching

I learnt a lot at the Craftmark ESP Vitt Shaala workshop session and really appreciate the opportunity. Been turning some of our processes upside down since getting back.

Sadhna, Seva Mandir (Craftmark member)

The concept of Craftmark is a very unique one, wherein we as craft groups and artisans get a seal of authenticity for our products in a market that is highly competitive and where everyone seems to be selling ‘handcrafted products’. We are glad to have been able to receive such a certificate for our craftsmen.

Laila Tyabji, Dastkar

The Craftmark is a symbol of quality and craft, linking the diverse hand skills and products of India-helping consumers and crafts people alike.

William Bissell, MD Fab India

"The Craftmark initiative has several positive impacts but most importantly it adds value to Indian handicraft products by identifying the craft technique inherent in the product and certifying its authenticity. The net result is—sustainable sales of craft in mainstream markets and greater rural employment."