Why Craftmark

Established in 2006, the Craftmark initiative helps denote genuine Indian handicrafts, develop sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as a handicrafts product, and increase consumer awareness of distinct handicraft traditions. Under this initiative, AIACA will license the Craftmark logo for use by Craft-based businesses, cooperatives and NGOs for use on product tickets and labels.

Why support Craftmark?

With over 23 million craftspeople, the crafts sector is the second largest employer in India. Many communities in India depend on their craft skills as a source of income. The craft sector keeps rural communities alive, sustains families, and allows children to gain education. Supporting the craft sector breathes life into a heritage that is over 4,000 years old. It maintains the transfer of valuable traditional knowledge from elders to youths and master craftspeople to students. Buying hand-made products delivers livelihood to millions of skilled craftspeople that proudly create unique, high-quality products by hand.

Above all, in an evolving global village where homogenous products dominate our lifestyles, craft products stand apart in their distinctiveness and cultural reference. Thus, purchase of craft products not only allows consumers to buy quality products but also maintain a connection with their culture.

Objective and Purpose

In order to be competitive in the marketplace these talented craftspeople need assistance in developing their enterprises and skills in a manner that allows them to compete in efficient modern markets by evolving innovative marketing and design possibilities. By creating consumer and market awareness of the key elements of craft –distinctiveness, uniqueness, focus on livelihood, sustainability and environment, we need to collectively usher in an era of ethical and sustainable consumerism. Craftmark guides Indian crafts into the modern world - training craftspeople across India to become competitive professionals, helping communities and families to live, encouraging craft processes to blossom and creating awareness in modern consumer markets.

Adoption by Major Retailers

“The Craftmark initiative has several positive impacts but most importantly it adds value to Indian handicraft products by identifying the craft technique inherent in the product and certifying its authenticity. The net result is—sustainable sales of craft in mainstream markets and greater rural employment.”
--William Bissell, MD Fab India

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Internationally, our biggest supporter has been West Elm, the 3rd largest home products’ retailer in the USA. Other committed supporters include Ten Thousand Villages, Dolma Designs, Tesoras and Mela Artisans